As a child I attended Christian-based schools and occasionally attended church services. Although this gave me a basic understanding of Christianity, it did not result in me having a relationship with God.

During my teenage years, I became aware that I believed in a God, although I had no real concept of who that God was and was generally content for it to remain a peripheral part of my life until mid-way through university. It was at this time that my then girlfriend (now wife) encouraged me to read the gospels, which ultimately led to a conscious decision on my part to want to become a true follower of the God revealed in the Bible.

I started to attend Duke Street Church in Richmond, learned more about God through attending a Christianity Explored and a Discipleship Explored course, and served in a church ministry for local homeless people. In these ways, I developed a knowledge of God and a relationship with Him, which grew through attending Duke Street regularly over the course of around 5 years and developing as part of the church community.

I believe the one true God is the God and Father of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. I believe Christ’s death and resurrection has defeated sin, and despite my short-comings I have been saved through His grace and to His glory.