Hey my name is Ares, and I’m a first year economist at Trinity. I recently decided to get baptised as a testimony of my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, which is why I am standing here today. I have always considered myself a Christian, from as far back as I remember (indeed, I was christened when I was a baby).

Three years ago however, things began to change, as in September 2006 I met some Christians; except they had totally different views to me about Jesus and God. Although I had heard the Gospel before, I didn’t react to it in the same way as them; they really believed and their faith in God seemed to affect the way they acted. As time went on, I began to realise that I didn’t really understand Christianity; I had never spared the time to truly look into it.

Time went by and I began asking questions about Christianity that I hadn’t thought of asking before, and out of curiosity I eventually decided to read the Bible. I read it from cover to cover and was amazed at what was in there. Of course I had heard many of the accounts in the Old Testament and I knew lots of the miracles of Jesus, but reading the Bible in its entirety really helped me to get a clear picture about how things fitted in.

Then just over a year ago I was invited to come to church. So I went, and chose to go regularly. It was there that I finally understood the Gospel. It was preached from the Bible that we are all sinners and that nobody is worthy to come into the presence of God. One day we would all face judgement for the sins we had committed. In our helpless state however, God took the initiative and gave us a Saviour; his only son, Jesus Christ, who came to earth and took the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross, and in doing so made all those who believe in him and follow him righteous in God’s sight. The Bible claimed that a totally sinless man died to save me from my sins. It quickly dawned on me that if this was true I would have to follow Jesus.

I began reading books, I looked into the Old Testament prophecies and how they are fulfilled in Jesus, I looked at the evidence for the Bible’s historicity, I met up with a Christian every week to chat about things, and as I learned more and more about Christianity it began to become obvious to me that what the Bible was claiming is genuinely true. I couldn’t ignore it any longer so one night, I decided to make a commitment to Jesus; I put my faith in Him to lead my life on this Earth and I put my hope in the glorious future he promises to all those who believe in Him.

My life began to change. I no longer lived for myself and my own desires; I no longer lived as if there was no God. And so, my baptism today is a public proclamation of my new found faith in Jesus Christ, and symbolises the change that this faith has sparked in my life.