I guess I wouldn’t say there’s a precise moment where I would say I became a Christian, it was more of a journey, but there were some significant points. I grew up in a Christian home, going to church on Sundays, I don’t remember not knowing who Jesus is.

When I was 6 I remember telling my Mum I wanted Jesus to be my special friend and we prayed then for Jesus to be my special friend. From then on I went to church on a Sunday, went to summer camps and continued learning more about Jesus. Yet I don’t think that until the past couple of years my Christian faith has meant anything in my life. I guess I was maybe a Sunday Christian, seeking God when I needed help with something, but living the rest as if God didn’t exist.

Then I remember reading somewhere that if you were arrested for being a Christian, would they find any evidence to convict you of it. I thought about my life and realised that they probably wouldn’t. This really impacted me and I thought I better clean my act up, so I began engaging more in church and reading the Bible more, meeting up with older Christians to read the Bible, almost out of fear, seeking favour with God and trying to make myself right with him.

But something very different came from that though. I realised God’s amazing love and free mercy and grace that he offers to everyone, the invitation to come into his family, receive full forgiveness and new life. I realised how God wants a personal relationship with me, not just for me to go through the motions of a ‘good’ Christian life.

This just transformed my life, it filled me with such joy, knowing that I can call God my Father, that he loves me as his child. So I guess up until a couple of years ago I would say I had more of a head knowledge of who God is, rather than a heart knowledge and a desire to know and love him more, to grow in my relationship with him, and to give my whole life to him.

So that’s my journey up to now, and I am here today being baptised to show I want to give my whole life to Jesus, to continue my journey and grow in my relationship with him. My deepest prayer is that in 10, 20, maybe even 70 years time I will be more excited by Jesus than I am now. I look forward to the day I will see him face to face and live with him forever.

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