I can’t exactly say when I became a Christian, but as I have got older I have found myself relying on Christ more and more.

I was brought up in a Christian family and was christened as a baby into the Anglican Church. Through my life I have been brought up going to church and have been told that Jesus died for me to save me so I could be with him in eternal life. Though when I was younger, I did not fully appreciate what pain he went through. I did not always appreciate the relationship between the depth of my sin and how “much” Jesus suffered.

In my early teens I took part in a ‘Deeper’ course at a youth centre run by the church I attended at the time. The content did challenge me in many ways. At the end of the course I was approached by the youth minister and was asked if I wanted to get baptised. I eventually decided not to because I believed that I had a lot more to learn and be challenged on yet and that I was still too young and immature to fully understand the decision that I was making. I still stand by my reasoning for my decision at that age.

In the years leading up to University I have had many challenges. Though when I started University, I was moving to a new city living with people who I’d never met before, a new experience for me. When starting at ARU I joined the CU and they took me on church crawls and told me to look at different churches. This is how I found my way to Eden.

I have over the last two years due to the temptations of University life promoted by fellow students and the Students Union been relying on Jesus more and more for strength through this time. Earlier in this academic year I was on the CU house party in Sherringham, in which Dave read the book of Philippians. The main repetition of that weekend that I have been told all my life is that Jesus died for me, he has done the difficult bit so I can walk free. Being said at this stage after all this time meant so much more to me due to my appreciation of what I am now.

My final message to anyone who isn’t a Christian now is that my baptism is a statement that I am not perfect; in fact I should be shameful in God’s sight. It is only by the grace of Jesus Christ who died for me on the cross that I can be deemed righteous in God’s sight and that my baptism is my statement of my love for God and my need and longing for Jesus, my saviour.