I grew up in a “cultural” Christian household, so went to church every Sunday to a C of E and chanted along with the rest of the congregation, but didn’t really think about what I was saying and what it meant to have a relationship with God. I was christened as a baby and confirmed as a teenager.

After my ‘A’ levels, I went touring Eastern Europe with a Christian singing group called The Continentals for a month and had a wonderful time, committing my life to God towards the end. However, the “soil” of my heart was hard and not well-prepared, the seeds didn’t grow to bear fruit, and I fell away from God during my 20s.

When I was 30, my beloved Nana died and I started going back to church just to feel close to her and talk to her there, which was really upsetting for me, yet at the same time, comforting. I felt unworthy of God’s love and yearned to have the same joy that I witnessed in the Christians who attended church.

Then I was invited to a couple of courses at Eden by my then colleague, Jim Taylor, and I came to know God through the unending patience of the wonderful people running the courses and Jim and Angela Taylor, who never let a question go unanswered. There was nothing that I could do to make myself acceptable to God, but God had already done everything that was needed by sending His Son, Jesus, to die in my place & then rise again. Through Jesus' death & resurrection, I could know forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God & eternal life.

I committed my life to God with well-prepared soil around 6 months ago, and have performed a 180 degree turn away from the sins that I was committing in the most difficult areas of my life. I now feel joy when I’m worshiping God and both feel & know that I am starting the most important relationship in my life with a Saviour who loves me & died for me, & who now lives forever.