My name is Emma Xu. I am from China. I am in my second year of PhD in Biochemistry and I am at Homerton College. I have been coming to Eden for about a year, and I became a Christian last November. I was brought up in a family of materialists, as well as most of the country. But for some reason, I always believe in God, who created everything, who is a loving and caring father to all of us. But I never knew who Jesus really is, I even doubted about his existence. However, the shepherd never gave up on the one lost sheep.

My heavenly Father knows so well that how much I love food, and how much I missed Chinese food when I firstly come. He brought me to this free Chinese dinner at STAG at freshers' week last year. There I met my angel Jasmine, who is from Homerton as well. We soon became good friends and she introduced me to Christianity. The first step I made was to recognise the Bible as God’s words, and it is real history, instead of what I thought before, a fiction book made up by someone. And when Jasmine invited me to come to Eden, I was surprised to see live music in a church, and how people are taking each other as families, and the singing was just beautiful.

It was my second time to Eden, at the communion, as people were taking the symbols of Jesus’s body and his blood, I decided to put my faith in Jesus Christ who took away all my sins by being crucified himself, and pray Lord for his forgiveness and thank him for his grace and salvation. It was the best decision I ever made in my life, and that was the moment of true happiness.

And I thank for everyone who has been helping me grow ever since, especially the students team at Eden, and the small group Bible study at Bruce & Sarah’s.