I come from Poland, from a Catholic family and therefore I was baptised as a baby. And I want to say I am grateful to my parents for this; for this and for the kind of upbringing I had.

In my early years I believed that faith isn’t meaningless and I was led to a conviction that Christianity is something fairly important at the very least. My reasoning was this: if I only live once, and my behaviour in the present moment determines all eternity… wouldn’t it be wise to try my best in this finite life? Because I only live once, while heaven and hell is infinite, it would be clever to work hard and be good, devote some of this life in exchange for the eternal one. That’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it? That had been my reasoning. Yet still I didn’t think I was secure in any way and needed to be a more honest person.

So I tried to be good and religious so that I may get to Paradise in return. But I was not a Christian.

I went to church every Sunday then, but I was not a Christian.

I went to some additional services, but I was not a Christian.

I often helped people... in Maths, for example, I was good at Maths. But I was not a Christian.

Let me emphasise something: I’m not saying all of this in order to boast. Although these are not bad things in themselves, they couldn’t have made me a Christian. In this respect they were useless. Let me now tell you how my attitudes changed.

Four and a half years ago I went on a science camp. It was one of the students there who really surprised me. He was a believer, but completely different from everyone else in that he talked to people He did an unusual thing in that he engaged with friends in deep conversations about God. What did he say? Well, he focused on the core message of Christianity. It isn’t a pleasant truth, but he explained why everyone fails to meet God’s perfect standard, why Christ died for us and what does it actually mean. So then I understood that I cannot attain salvation. No-one deserves it and neither do I.

Now, to keep things short, I will not speak about how I discovered more and more about God over the period of the following months. But after some time I understood the foundations of Christianity a little bit better. And after a period of research I discovered that Christianity rests on a solid intellectual basis as well. So I knew what Christianity taught, I believed it is true and I still thought it is an important thing. Guess what: I wasn’t a Christian.

And then there was this quote that I came across: “Some people are going to miss heaven by less than half a metre.” How is that possible? Well, this is the distance between the head… and the heart. I realised that back then I had Christian doctrine in my mind… and I believed it is true… but I needed to have it in my heart. Not only should I accept the truths of the Bible, but also live by them. So after some time, on the evening of 20 December 2012, I decided to commit my life to Christ, to call him my Lord and my Saviour - declaring that I can only exist for God, not for myself - acknowledging that I, being a sinner, cannot attain salvation. I put my trust on Jesus; this made me certain that I will be saved. I used to feel insecure, because I wasn’t sure if I did enough. Now I know that I do not do enough, but I am secure.

Today I am getting baptized in order to testify to the decision I made. I think the subject is worth speaking about and very important; it is also wonderful that I can share my thoughts about it with you. Thank you therefore all for coming. I think it’s time for the most exciting part!

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