As I was raised by Christians, I don’t have a specific point in time when I can say I became a Christian. As far back as I can remember, I have always known who Jesus was and what he came to do. However, I do have some significant moments in my journey that has led me to this public declaration of Jesus as Lord of my life.

Many people at this church, as well as youth groups, Impact and Gap, have been very helpful for thinking about what being a Christian means and the leaders that run them have been amazing witnesses who’ve constantly shown God’s love, patience and generosity. They have spent a lot of time helping me to read and understand the Bible for myself and think about how it applies to my life.

CB3, the summer Christian youth camp that I’ve been to for the last few years, has been very encouraging every year and seeing the love and very united sense of purpose from all the leaders and helpers at CB3 showed me how God was at work through them

I knew what it meant to be a Christian and I had been saying that I was a Christian, but I suddenly realised that in many aspects of my life I wasn’t living like a Christian so had a period of time when I wasn’t sure whether I was a Christian. While I was staying with grandparents in America in summer of 2016, I think was the first time I had actually prayed for Jesus to lead my life and when I had a seizure, which was the first time that I felt like things were very much out of my control, it felt like he was answering to rely on his strength and trust in him. This really emphasised for me how God meets us where we are, in our weakness and how He is in control.

One of the many things that leaders at Gap have helped us to think though is baptism, which they have helped us to think through multiple times, and so l knew that baptism is not what saves me, but that it is a public declaration that I should do once I had become a Christian. Despite knowing this and being confident in my faith, I somehow hadn’t even thought very much by myself about being baptised until shortly after the new year, when I was reading Acts 10, when Gentiles first receive the Holy Spirit and Peter “ordered that they be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ”. Following this, I prayed for God to show me some sort of sign if he wanted me to be baptised. I’m not completely sure why I did this, as God had already clearly told me through the Bible that being baptised was the course of action that I should take. Regardless, God continued to meet me where I was in my faith and, over the next few weeks, He showed me, through a quite ridiculous number separate events, that I should go ahead and get baptised.

So, since I’ve given my life to God and have been shown so clearly that He is with me, I feel like it is only right that I should be baptised.