I am from a Polish Catholic family and was brought up to go to church. However we were not strongly religious and as a teenager I left the church because I felt dissatisfied with it - there was no sense of community, attending church appeared to be a duty but not a living reality. People came and went without interaction and the people I met at church didn’t seem to have a faith in God that made a difference to their lives. We were never encouraged to read the Bible for ourselves and I never learnt much about God. I believed in God but I felt that I had no opportunity to meet with him.

As you now know from Mirek’s testimony, when we moved to England God put Jack in our path. Through his example and what he shared with us Jack showed us that God was not a distant God who was far away but that we could have a personal relationship with him. Mirek gave me the gospel of John, which I read. I realised for the first time that the Bible was a beautiful book; that it wasn’t incomprehensible or boring as I used to think it was. As I read I knew that God was speaking to me, that he could be with me in the whole of my life. That he wanted to be close to me.

Then we found this wonderful place “Eden church” and all of you. After that we started our Christianity course . As I read more and as Katharine and Robin explained things I understand that there was great depth in the Bible that went beyond the verses on the page.

I decided that I wanted to be baptised to show everyone that I believed that Jesus had died for me. I wanted to follow his command to be baptised. It is an important step for me; more important than my wedding. When I found God I started believing very strongly and felt a real calm. In the past when people talked about the end of the world I felt scared and depressed. When I put my trust in Jesus I felt a deep peace inside. Even if the end of world comes tomorrow I know that I will have a better life with Jesus. Because I now know that God is in control I feel content with whatever circumstances God brings. Because I now accept that God loves me and cares for me I no long feel so stressed by every day things like the car breaking down, or if we or the children are unwell.

I thank God every day that he has given us our three daughters. They are a gift that he has entrusted to us - I know that they are not mine, they are God’s. This is beautiful to me and I want to teach them about Jesus through how I live. This is why I want to be a better mum - to help them live a better life that is pleasing to God.