I was brought up in a Christian family, so I learnt about the Bible and God both at home and at church. When I was growing up, I can remember Christians around me reminding me that being born in a Christian family and going to church and reading the Bible didn’t make me a Christian. I needed to accept Jesus as my personal saviour and ask him for forgiveness for my sin which he took away when he died on the cross.

A passage of the Bible that has always reminded me of my need for Jesus is Leviticus 10 which is the chapter about the deaths of Nadab and Abihu. Firstly, because there is an emphasis on God’s holiness which reminds me that without Jesus taking my sin on himself, I wouldn’t be able to come to God with the confidence of salvation. Secondly, because the reason for which they died was that they offered unauthorised fire and incense. God gave the laws in the Old Testament to command the people on how to do their offerings to him and yet Aaron’s sons seemed to think that they could do better by doing things a different way. I know that as a sinner I often want to do things my own way and reject God’s authority, but this passage reminds me of the severity of all rebellion against him. I know that I couldn’t get to heaven on my own merit but the message of the gospel shows the ultimate love of God in sending his son for that purpose.