How did I get to know God? My sister and I used to attend our local church each week in our local village. We soon found ourselves taking confirmation classes and were soon confirmed by the Bishop of Ely - that’s how I first got to know Him.

Now to tell you about me and my journey along life’s path with God. I’m a teaching assistant at a Catholic primary school in Cambridge working in year 3. I have done a basic listening skills counselling course for children, and also do pastoral work. I’m very happy in my job. I’m also a registrar for a top aerobics company. I’m also, and most important, a hands-on 24/7 mum!! Myself and Dave were lucky enough to meet Barbara and the late Cyril Stanford seven years ago, it’s through them we came into contact with Eden and are eternally grateful to them (more about them in a moment!)

I’m here this evening to be baptised to show in public a proclamation of my new-found faith in Jesus Christ, how grateful I am that when he died on the cross he took all of my sins with him. There are times in my life when things have gone completely wrong and I mean completely wrong! Having meningococcal / bacterial septicaemia in 1988, being hospitalised and again septicaemia returned in 2000. The latter year I also lost my father, which left a huge gap in my life (everything’s ok when your dad’s there to put things right). I turned to God and found he was there for me.

Last year Dave’s and my granddaughter, 17 months old at the time, was seriously ill and was on life support with RSV bronchiolitis again. I prayed so hard to God, today she is a happy healthy two year old.

Both Dave and I have been truly blessed in meeting wonderful people at Eden. Barbara and Cyril Stanford attended Eden on a regular basis and introduced us to wonderful caring people. On Barbara’s 80th birthday last May at her party we met Genevieve. She invited us along to an Eden service - it was truly amazing and it wasn’t long before we did a Christianity Explored course. Robin and Katherine helped us understand a lot more about the Bible. I thank God for each and every day - my new life with him is about to begin, and now I ask him to help me become a better wife, mum and friend.