I am from a little village one hour north of Cambridge and moved to Cambridge in 2014 to do a PhD in biophysics. This is the story of how I came to follow Jesus.

As a child I was culturally Christian, which means I was christened as a baby, tried to be a nice person, and sometimes went to Church on Sunday. But I did not follow Jesus so I was not really a Christian.

At school I worked very hard and tried to be good at everything, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t achieve my own standards. On the outside I looked happy and successful, but on the inside things were not so good. I was always very stressed which made me tired and also often ill.

I wanted to be less stressed so did hobbies and read self-help books but this did not work. I investigated religions more seriously when I went to Edinburgh University. With the Buddhist society I learnt to meditate and organised an overnight trip to a temple, I also attended a small group Bible discussion with the Christian union.

At the Bible discussions I was surprised by the Christians. I thought they were foolish to trust the Bible but was jealous of the peace and assurance they found from their faith. I kept going to the Bible discussions because I had very good friends there who supported me during a difficult time of my life.

I sometimes went to Church with my Christian friends. This Church was different to my past experience of religion. The people sang loudly, took the Bible seriously and it affected their lives. I found the Church very emotional and often cried during the services.

During my second year of university the Church ran a course looking at the evidence for Christianity. I went along and wanted to learn if Christianity was true or false. During this course, God revealed Himself to me and I understood that Christianity was true.

It was a strange feeling like a blindfold had been removed and I could now understand the world properly. I finally knew that Jesus had died in my place for my many sins and failings which could now be completely forgiven. I learnt that I had been searching for peace and truth by myself when God offered them to me for free.

I have now been a Christian for five years and my life has changed a lot. Five years ago I did not have the courage to stand up in front of so many people and tell them that I followed Jesus, but today thanks to God, I do. Also, I am no longer permanently stressed and ill because I know Jesus loves me, and I can rely on Him, and even when life is difficult He will never let me down.

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