Hi, my name is Radu and I’ve been coming to Eden on and off for almost two years now. Over the past few months, however, I felt God really talking to me louder and louder and really trying to pull me closer to Him.

Having been born and raised in a Christian family in Romania, I knew about God and felt that one day I would like to get baptised, but didn’t know when and was kind of hoping God would provide me with a clue or a sign as to when the right time would be.

Then last year God allowed a certain trial in my life, a trial that would make me question my relationship with Him and the way I lived my life for the last 11 years while in Cambridge. I felt that God was taking away from me everything I worked really hard for all these years, everything I was trying really hard to hang on to, things like money, my car, certain friends. It got to a point where every day would bring a new disappointment. Whatever I did, bad news just kept on coming, and I was starting to think that God was cursing me - maybe He was punishing me for always putting Him second, for always worrying about material things rather than putting my trust in Him.

Then I remember one Sunday afternoon I picked up my bible and felt that God wanted to talk to me. I opened it in Isaiah and remember thinking “God please show me some verses, tell me what’s going on, tell me what to do”. Then God showed me a few passages in Jeremiah, then Daniel, then a few verses in the new testament. It quickly became crystal clear that what God was telling me to do was to demolish all the gods that I kept in high place in my life, all the things that were in fact holding me captive, things like material gains, and to come follow Him, trust my life in His hands, give Him my time and my energy. I took the decision there and and then to trust my life in His hands and I can say that since that day I cannot remember a time previously in my life when I felt more loved, more at peace and more blessed than I’m feeling now.

Friends there is one thing I would like to testify today in front of you, and that is that salvation comes only through the sacrifice and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Back in Romania where I was born, the predominant religion is Christian Orthodox. And it’s a good religion as well: it teaches people to be fearful of God and most followers go to church on a fairly regular basis.

One thing that I never agreed with is the importance that they attribute to people of the faith like John the Baptist or the Virgin Mary or the twelve apostles or the various saints at the expense, if you like, of Our Lord Jesus Christ. People seem to have forgotten about Him or given Him a side role. I find that hard to understand considering that we are talking about a Christian religion.

Let me tell you, friends, that it was not John the Baptist who raised Lazarus from the depths of death, it was not Mary who calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee and it was not Simon Peter who said to the criminal crucified on the cross: “I tell you the truth, today you will be with Me in paradise”.

So, who did all these things?

Our Lord Jesus Christ did!