The first time that I met S was in the autumn of 2008. She had been passing the church one Sunday morning when she heard us singing a song that she had heard and especially liked at her sister’s church in Stevenage, so she came in! Providentially, she sat next to Katharine Symons who then persuaded her to come to the 20s-30s pot-luck after the service. Later that day, Katharine gave her a Bible, which really touched S as she had never received a Bible before.

S continued coming to Eden for a few weeks after that and then was invited to take part in a Christianity Explored course. Up until then, her knowledge of Jesus conflicted with what her Christian sister said about Jesus being the Son of God. Two burning questions in S’s heart were:

  • “Who is Jesus?”
  • “Why does my sister think that He is the Son of God?”

So, S took part in Christianity Explored and, when it finished, met one-to-one with me.

Her sister gave her some really wise advice - she told S that if she wanted to find out what a church was about and what they believed, she should get involved! That is why, although S wasn’t yet a Christian, she helped last Easter at the children’s Holiday Club and also in distributing tracts and hot cross buns on the street with others from Eden. She wanted to see something of what becoming a Christian might cost her in terms of others' perception and reception of her.

When S and I used to meet up, sometimes we would discuss where she was at, and had she taken that last step of ‘heart-trust’ in Jesus as Son of God. After one Sunday morning service early last summer she replied that she had: she had put her faith in Christ!

She really wanted to grow and had an intense desire then, as now, to know God better. One obvious way of doing that was to join a housegroup and study the Bible with them, sharing their lives together. She had come to understand that it is the God of the Bible in whom she had found answers and to whom, through Jesus, she needs to pray.

Since becoming a Christian, S can’t say that life has been easy. However, the more that she has read the Bible, the more she has recognised that it contains objective truth. She has also seen that truth in relation to her own heart and realises that Jesus Christ died for her, personally, not because He needed anything from her but because He loves her. She needs Him and His saving work on the cross!

S now loves Jesus as Lord and Saviour, which is why she is being baptised today.