I am very grateful to have been brought up in a Christian family, attending church on a Sunday and saying grace with meals for as long as I can remember. As such I find it hard to give a precise moment where I would say I became a Christian. As I grew up, I moved beyond just a knowledge of Bible stories, growing to know God personally and his deep affection for me, that he loves me so much that his Son died in my place. Hearing a talk that reinforced this message to me at a family Christian holiday camp, I re-committed my life to God as a teenager.

When I moved away from home to university in Bath I felt uncertain about the future, but I trusted that God in his steadfast and unchanging love, would guide and protect me, and the same is true upon graduating and moving across the country to a job in Cambridge. With each stage of life God has blessed me with a network of Christian friends to help me grow more in my knowledge and love of him.

As I have grown in my understanding and relationship with God I have felt a call to be obedient to Jesus’s command to be baptised. I have known for a while it was something I should do, but I felt too shy or that it “wasn’t a good time” - recently as I have prayed I felt a nudge to just get on with it! I know that I am never going to be a “perfect Christian”, but that the way to God is through Jesus and his death on the cross to take away my sins, meaning I am forgiven. I am getting baptised, in obedience to Gods command, to declare that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour and I want to continue to serve him, and to recognise that I am not saved by anything I have done, but by God’s grace.