As a part of Eden some of you may not know who I am. My name is Sophie Townsend and I was christened as a baby but didn’t know God. I grew up in quite an isolated way with one particular moment in my life meaning that I distanced myself from my family and friends at around the age of 10/11 years old. This is also the time when I noticed that our family had issues. These weren’t addressed until I was 17/18 years old. I had a very difficult relationship with my mother and had not engaged properly in our relationship for some time. But this was partly due to the fact that instead of helping and loving my mother through any difficulties I was angry and this showed in how I treated her.

I rebelled against my parents a lot of the time and moved out hastily into a flat with my boyfriend whom I had only known a very short time. I threw away my parents home as if it didn’t matter. After a while of my boyfriend and I living together we realised that this was wrong and we shouldn’t be living together and so separated. My boyfriend was a Christian and persisted in talking to me about Jesus what felt like daily (almost every night) but I didn’t listen, I was still too involved in my own ‘issues’ to care about anything bigger than myself.

But then Jesus got through to me and started to work in my life and from that moment I changed. I realised that he had died on the cross for my sins in order to set me free. By saying sorry to God for all my sins and asking Jesus to be my Rescuer and Master, He has made me into one of God’s children. I could finally SEE, my darkness was overwhelmed by such light and love from Jesus Christ. I no longer felt angry or suicidal, throwing away my life like it didn’t matter. It was pure joy that I had never felt before. And I suddenly realised how awful I had been and how ashamed I was to have had ever felt that my life was meaningless, because Jesus gave up so much so I could live. Life is precious and I realise that now.

That was in January 2015 and I haven’t looked back, I started going to church for the very first time in March of last year in Barton and bought my first Bible. I moved to Cambridge in the summer of the same year and first came to Eden in August. I want to say how welcome I have felt at Eden and think of you as my home church. I have now made every effort to reconnect with my mum and my family and I am pleased to say that they are here this morning. I thank God for my parents and my family.

Jesus saved me; I will love him and commit to him eternally.

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