Good morning everyone,

I am very delighted to be giving my testimony this morning, especially as my parents have come from Germany for my baptism for which I am very grateful.

I was born a Roman Catholic but my family had never been religious and neither was I. In fact, everything related to church and to God frightened me for some reason. Then I came to Cambridge and a friend who’s a Christian for years did some research on the internet and sent me the link to Eden’s website. I was curious and checked it out. Soon afterwards I went on the Christianity Explored Course where I met Genevieve who answered a lot of my questions and helped me very much. So after a while I thought, why not start going to the Sunday services as well and so I did. And I was amazed. I loved it! It was totally different to what I knew and to what I was always told would be the meaning of worshipping God.

I went to more Sunday services and my faith grew. Without even properly noticing it much I had already drawn quite close to God which was an amazing personal development for me. I got myself a German Bible and started reading. So it came about that I was reading in the Bible every day and talking to God. And not long ago I asked Him to be my Lord and my Saviour and to forgive all my sins. I am convinced God brought me to Cambridge to find my way to Him and I am really grateful for that gift. I am very pleased to be baptised today, to symbolically bury my old sinful self and start a new, saved life with pleasing God as the most important thing in it.

Thank you.