I was born into a loving Christian family in Hong Kong and raised under discipline. I have always enjoyed singing hymns in church and going to Sunday school - which has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about God. Yet, I’ve never fully understood the meaning of salvation. I was baptised as a baby, excelled academically and in conduct. Therefore, I really did not see the need to be saved further.

It was when I arrived in this country when I learnt that being a Christian was not merely about knowing God intellectually. In particular, during the summer camp in 2009 - right before starting university - I understood for the first time how precious the finished work of Christ is, so that I may be accepted into the family of God and be called His child. Therefore, one evening I committed myself to become a Christian.

Arrival in university in a foreign land was a daunting experience, but nothing ever prepared me for my third year. To me, last year was a painful experience. Right from the start, I was totally overwhelmed by sin and addictions. This has cost me dearly in my physical and mental health, as well as my academic studies. All my time and energy were simply wasted away. I have attempted everything to remedy the situation, but I was still completely lost. My relationship with God also deteriorated when I began to question, almost got angry with God over my circumstances, and doubting whether He still loves me when I was in such a state.

It was in those dark hours when Christian friends, most notably Robin Whaley and my dear college siblings, stepped in to help. They have offered me practical help and supportive prayers. Many people also provided me with ample opportunities to serve and be served.

Embracing the love and care sent by the fellowship, I gradually desired less for sin. Slowly I began to be able to conquer over the addictions and gained genuine freedom. The comfort and joy were beyond anything I have imagined or hoped for. Only then did I regret not having sought help from God sooner, and failing Him repeatedly despite all the good gifts He has lavished on me. But more importantly I have witnessed the real saving power of God, with His ability He has changed my heart and was indeed watching every step of my way.

I decided to be baptised in response to God’s call “to repent and be baptised”. I am a sinner that I know there is no way I could save myself. But only by the love and grace of God could I truly be set free from my addictions and guilt. Only through Him have I found real comfort and satisfaction. Amen.