Life raises a lot of questions. Why are we here? How can we live a good life? Is there hope for this world? How do we make sense of suffering and evil? Can we really know the truth? And the answers that Jesus offers to those questions raise even more questions!

ThinkTank is a relaxed, friendly space to discuss the big questions of life, the universe and God (and what all of that has got to do with us) freely and openly with people from different perspectives. Anyone and everyone is welcome, and we would love you to bring your biggest questions - we’ll let the discussion go wherever people are interested in going - and we’ll try to explore how Jesus might answer some of those questions.

It’s in the Tank Room, a lovely space upstairs at the Cambridge Brew House. Some snacks will be provided, plus we’d love to welcome you on your first time by getting you a dessert for free if you’d like! Obviously drinks will be available from downstairs! The evenings will be hosted by Mike (been around in Cambridge since doing English at Selwyn, enjoys football, circus, and discussing either philosophy or Pixar films), Anya (Dutch-American, works with postgrad students, studied Chinese and theology, loves books, writing, photography and Asian food) and Naushin (works in science publishing, lover of granny crafts, medium sci-fi nerd, guinea pig enthusiast).

Feel free to come along any time and see how you find it! If you’ve got any questions, we’d be glad to hear from you at

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