Wednesday GAP

Wednesday GAP is Eden’s youth housegroup and is for young people from Year 10 upwards (ages 14-19). GAP housegroup takes place on Wednesday evenings during term time, from 7.45 to 9.15 pm at the home of Chris and Rebecca Anderson. We study the Bible together and aim to help the young people understand what the Bible says to us and how to apply it to our lives. We also spend some time praying for one another each week.

This term we are doing a series of studies on Ruth and the life of King David in 1 and 2 Samuel. We’re also going to spend some time thinking about how to engage well with the issue of climate change. 

Alongside the more serious part of the evening, there is time for socialising, chatting and eating cake too! For those who need to leave promptly, the main part of the evening finishes by 9.15pm, but those who are able to stay and chat for longer are most welcome to do so. As well as regular weekly meetings we have a number of annual events such as a weekend away in Norfolk with Impact (our 11-14s group) and a trip to the Sorted youth conference in London.

Sunday GAP

GAP Eaton Vale

Sunday GAP is for young people in years 10-13 (ages 14-19). We meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month in school term time, during the second half of the morning service. On those Sundays we start the service together with the rest of the church family and then meet in room 5 (upstairs at the front of the building), following the break in the service. During our time together we study the Bible passages from the preaching schedule, often for the sermon from the previous week, with the aim of helping the young people to get the most out of the sermons they hear on the other Sunday mornings. We also spend some time considering particular issues which concern the young people and helping them to look at these issues from a biblical perspective.

GAP extras

Roughly once a month GAP also meets on a Saturday night at Eden, usually 8-10pm. On games evenings there’s plenty of time for chilling out, playing some games or checking out the cake selection. Once a term we have a film night where we watch a film together (along with eating plenty of popcorn) and then think through the messages that the director is trying to convey. Other times we have bring-a-friend nights where alongside the activities there is an opportunity to find out more about Christianity for those who have questions or who haven’t heard much about Jesus before. If you’re new to church-going or don’t know much about Jesus this is a great chance to come and get to know the group and hear what it’s all about. See the termcard for dates for this term.

Impact and GAP together

GAP also meets together with Impact (our 11-14s group), once a month on a Sunday evening after the evening service. We have dinner together and spend a bit of time thinking about the sermon we’ve just heard or another topic relevant to young people - see the termcard for dates for this term. The service begins at 6pm and we aim to be finished meeting by 8.45pm.

Check out our termcard for details of dates and the programme for this term. 

We are always pleased to welcome newcomers to the group. If you are interested in coming to Wednesday GAP, please contact Ali Campbell Smith for address details. Saturday and Sunday events take place at Eden so feel free just to show up.