Wednesday GAP

Wednesday GAP is Eden’s youth housegroup and is for young people from Year 10 upwards (ages 14-19). GAP housegroup takes place on Wednesday evenings during term time, from 7.45 to 9.15 pm. We normally meet at the home of Chris and Rebecca Anderson, but due to the ongoing COVID restrictions we are currently meeting at Eden (as of April 2021). We study the Bible together and aim to help the young people understand what the Bible says to us and how to apply it to our lives. We also spend some time praying for one another each week.

This term we are doing some studies looking at great prayers that people in the Bible prayed. We’ll also have a session just before half term thinking about what the Bible has to say about sex and relationships.  

Alongside the more serious part of the evening, there is time for socialising, chatting and eating cake too! For those who need to leave promptly, the main part of the evening finishes by 9.15pm, but those who are able to stay and chat for longer are most welcome to do so. As well as regular weekly meetings we have a number of annual events such as a weekend away in Norfolk with Impact (our 11-14s group) and a trip to the Sorted youth conference in London. These haven’t been able to happen over the last year because of COVID, but we are hopeful we might be able to resume again soon. 

Sunday GAP

GAP Eaton Vale

Sunday GAP is for young people in years 10-13 (ages 14-19). We meet currently meet on Zoom on Sunday evenings, 8-9.15pm during school term time. We spend a bit of time catching up as well as some time discussing Eden’s sermon from that morning and praying together. We hope to go back to meeting in person again at some point once restrictions ease further. 

GAP extras

As well as Wednesdays and Sundays, we sometimes have social events on Saturday evenings. These have been limited recently due to COVID, but we’re hoping to get together for some outdoor games later this term - see the termcard for details! 

Check out our termcard for details of dates and the programme for this term. 

We are always pleased to welcome newcomers to the group. If you are interested in coming to GAP, please contact Ali - normally we’d say just show up, but with the ongoing COVID restrictions it helps us to run safely if we know in advance who to expect!