We hold two morning services, at 9.30 and 11.15, for all who would like the opportunity to join us. Booking is no longer required. We will continue to livestream at 11.15 am for the time being. All are welcome to our evening service at 6pm.

For more information please get in touch with the church office.

Our preaching is expository - that is, the preacher opens up a passage of scripture and explains how it applies to us. We work through books of the Bible consecutively with occasional topical sermons and visiting preachers.

In our times of praise we aim at a biblical mixture of awe at God’s greatness and joy at his goodness and grace. There is plenty of variety in music: traditional hymns are sung alongside modern songs. In most services accompaniment is provided by a piano and a lively band of musicians, with the organ joining in for the hymns.

The morning service normally includes a children’s talk. Everyone stays together for the first half, but part way through we take a break. The adults can greet one another and chat while the children go to their various classes - Discovery Club (ages 2-11), Impact (11-14) or GAP (14+). For babies and very small children, a crèche is available throughout the service. This term, while we are having two morning services, preschool groups will be held at the 9.30 service only, primary school will be at both morning services, and Impact and Gap will be at the 11.15 service only. 

The evening service follows a similar pattern except that no specific provision is made for children. Outside of term time, evening services tend to be a little shorter.

Communion services happen twice a month, once in the morning and once in the evening as announced.